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    How to impress your friends for 15 dollars

    by  • July 26, 2013 • Fun Stuff, Technology • 1 Comment

    I’ve learned that people can often be impressed very easily.  I have also learned that because of this it often doesn’t take much money to impress the person, especially where technology is concerned. When I remodeled my house in 2007 I made a decision to install motion sensing light switches, which has become the...

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    Finally a solution for all those loyalty cards

    by  • July 11, 2013 • Technology • 0 Comments

    If you’re like me or anyone else that shops for groceries and other stuff, you get bombarded with that question at the end of your transaction; “Do you have a <ENTER COMPANY> card here?”  You probably already have a few of them thickening your wallet or you even started sticking the little version onto...

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