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This clip of Benjamin Watson of chasing down Champ Bailey has to be the best chase down tackle in football history!

How awesome is that tackle?  Did you see how far Ben Watson ran to catch him and still have the knock down power like that?

I was sitting with my buddy Bill, eating some cheese steaks, when we started talking about a memory he had of this big offensive “lineman” running down a corner back or free safety that intercepted a ball and had broke loose and was running toward the end zone.  It turns out that he was remembering a play by Larry Allen, but in the process of searching for that play we found the above video on Benjamin Watson.  We couldn’t stop watching it and kept hitting play over and over again.

After finally finding the Larry Allen video we both concluded that why the Larry Allen tackle was still AMAZING, it was just not as AMAZING as the run down and tackle that Benjamin Watson had.

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