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I have recently heard the phrase “a man’s man” quite a bit lately and in each instance the person that said the phrase meant something slightly different than the other.  That got me to ask my self, “what is a ‘man’s man’?”

The Rock- A man's Man?
The Rock – A man’s Man?

Is a man’s man a big, strong, macho guy?  Is it a man that looks tough?  Is a man’s man someone that can survive in the outdoors?  Can they fix things around the house, or fix the car?

I think a man’s man can have some of the characteristics that are listed above, but I don’t think those characteristics define a “man’s man.”

I believe that a man’s man is someone that has character and knows the importance of character.  A man’s man put’s their family before himself and others.  A man’s man is not embarrassed to show his love or to admit when he is wrong.  He has honor in what he does.  His pride does not get the best of him.  He knows when he needs to be tough and he knows when he needs to be gentle.

A man’s man would never abandon his wife or kids.  He sticks up for those that are weaker, but only resorts to anger and violence if necessary.  Most importantly, a man’s man is one that knows that in order to be the man he needs to be he must look to God for guidance.

Don’t fall into the trap of what media portrays as a man’s man.  You’ll only be disappointed in the end.