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We all want to make money with our blog or forum, but we don’t want the pursuit of money to take us away from providing good content and helping others.  Many of us try Adsense only to find that it pays pennies; this is especially true for those of us with a very niche site.


Over the years I have found very advanced ways to monetize my niche sites, but this takes quite a bit of work and upkeep.  In the recent past I found a way to monetize sites in a much more passive way.  I have done this using VigLink.

VigLink is great whether you have been blogging for years or if you just started today. By placing some simple code on your website, or by using plugin for CMS systems like WordPress, VigLink will automatically convert links and keywords to monetized links that pay you when people click on them.

What’s great about these links is that they don’t have little popups that get in the way of your content and they don’t take up any precious real estate like Adsense.  Instead they look like a natural link that you would have placed in your content which gets the reader curious and as a result they click on it.  This makes VigLink a great companion to Adsense or other ad networks.

To learn how to fully take advantage of VigLink then sign up at 12kpost.com and get the 1st Secret for free.  This secret will teach you all about how to use VigLink to start making money as early as today.


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