A plea to all men out there…please don’t pee on the toilet seat!

Keep Calm and Don't Pee on the Toilet Seat
Keep Calm and Don’t Pee on the Toilet Seat

I have to ask, what is so hard about not peeing on a toilet seat?  I’ve never understood why guys can’t take the extra half of a second to lift the seat up before they start to go pee.  I mean, if you worried about touching the seat, then using your foot.  It’s not that hard!

Beyond the fact that it’s just disgusting and rude, I make this plea because I have a daughter that is still a little girl.  You see, I can’t let her go into the woman’s bathroom by herself and sometimes she needs my help.  Because of this it’s easier and less awkward to everyone if I can just take her into a stall in the men’s restroom.  Do you see where I’m coming from?  The last thing I want her to have to sit on is your pee.  So the next time you have to do your business and you have to use the stall, please remember all the dads and their daughters out there that may have to use that toilet after you.  Oh, and another tip – when you leave the stall make sure the toilet seat is UP when you leave.  This will help take care of those that haven’t read this message.


Dads and daughters around the world

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