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Spotify Mobile
Spotify Mobile

Music streaming is the future of music.  I take that back.  Music streaming is the NOW of music.  Forget your MP3 players and definitely forget those CDs.  Spotify is the ultimate way to get your music on your PC, tablet, and mobile devices.  Spotify is free for use on the PC and gives you access to millions of songs  along with ad support.  You can choose to pay $4.99/mo for unlimited streaming, ad free.  Or you can do what I do and pay $9.99/mo for Premium and get unlimited songs to any device that Spotify can play on.

The main reason that I chose to go with Spotify Premium is that with the account you can download up to 1,000 songs on each device that you can listen to WITHOUT being connected to the Internet.  With the ability to download 1,000 songs you can download multiple playlists that you can listen to everywhere.  For example, I have playlists that I have downloaded to my tablet and phone and I have playlists that I have downloaded to my daughter’s tablet.  Since my daughter’s tablet only connects to the internet via WiFi, she can only listen to her playlists when we’re on the go.

Another reason that I love Spotify is that you can easily share your playlists with everyone as each playlist gets a URL that you can share with people.  You can follow your friends and others to learn their music interests and collaborate on playlists.  Here’s a link to a great Southern Rock playlist that I created – southern rock

With Bluetooth and auxiliary jacks in every car now and with speakers like the HMDX Jam, you can use your portable devices to power your music everywhere you go.  Why take up precious storage with MP3s and have CDs to care for when you can carry millions of songs where ever you go?  Check out Spotify if you haven’t!

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