15 places to get inspiration for blog posts

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One of the toughest things about having a blog is coming up with really good content to write about.  Some bloggers are better than others at just coming up with content, or are they?  Perhaps they just know where to go to get inspired.

Having had a blog since 2006 (not this one), I have always needed help coming up with ideas for content.  A few years ago I started keeping notes in Evernote whenever I saw or heard something that I could use for a new post.  I then started making a list of “places” I could go to get ideas.  The list is in the photo I’ve posted.

I recently did a webinar to help Bill Belew, a friend of mine, professional blogger and speaker.  The webinar is a 30 minute discussion of each of the places you can go to get inspiration along with a few bonuses that you can’t see in the image.  I also give various pointers about blogging.  I hope you enjoy the video.

5 thoughts on “15 places to get inspiration for blog posts

  1. Nice! Makes sense. Talk about a “duh” moment for me. Sometimes visually looking at a list of what you already know brings in the creativity. It totally works for me. Thanks!

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